Generating reports

Supported report templates

Summary tables on farmland

The standard tables for farms, fields and simple plots are based on the data of agrochemical sampling of soils.

Chemical elements statistics

Statistical reports based on data about chemical elements distribution in soils. Statistical values are calculated considering chemical elements range based on requirements from the management bodies.
Calculation results are added to map layout.

Components of statistical report:

total area of objects by chemical elements;
total area of objects by chemical elements, grouped by fields;
average values by chemical elements;
average values by chemical elements, grouped by fields.

'Agrochemical map of farmlands' report

The agrochemical map of farmlands is used for determining the rate of application of mineral
and organic fertilizers, for calculation of soil-fertility index, etc. It represents a set of tables,
containing the results of agrochemical sampling of farmlands soils.

The report is based on the default template, prepared in MS Word format.